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Professional, Personalized, and Confidential Service

Universal Tax Services specializes in niche programs that are often not familiar to even the more experienced and capable general accountants. Over the years, we have developed a straightforward, streamlined approach.



We provide a free analysis to discover your tax credit and cash refund entitlement, usually within 24 hours. After meeting with you, your designated tax consultant leads our team in reviewing your company’s current situation and analyzing your strategies and objectives to determine how to maximize and utilize your tax credits for the present and the future.



Within seven days, one of our specialized CPAs amends your tax returns to recapture overlooked opportunities. We safeguard your private documents at all times through physical, technological, and procedural security measures.



The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mails out your refund check as early as three months after receiving your amended returns. You will also receive a generous interest payment on all refund amounts.

The Extra Mile

“With the deadline for the year’s tax filing fast approaching, it looked as though we would lose the chance to amend our tax return of four years ago and claim the incentives that we were entitled to. With tens of thousands of our dollars on the line, Universal Tax Services worked with us in our office to complete the paperwork in record time."
Kinson Wong, Owner, R & G Lounge, San Francisco



" If you don’t get a refund, you don’t owe us a dime! "  
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